The Mobicuff Story

Professor Gari Clifford and OxCAHT

MobiCuff is an adapter that converts a sphygmomanometer blood pressure cuff into a smartphone blood pressure monitor.  MobiCuff was originally developed by a team of five brilliant scientists from the Oxford Centre for Affordable Healthcare Technology. The team advised by Prof Gari Clifford includes Carlos Arteta, Joao Domingos, Marco Pimentel, Mauro Santos, and Mohammad Ali Maraci. The core technology behind the MobiCuff won the Dell Innovation Challenge in 2012.

2014 – Build It Better, For Less

Prof Gari Clifford seeks Yale out after a talk to collaborate on a Blood Pressure monitor. The ensuing product, MobiCuff, is born. With a total budget of only $80,000 provided plus a prototype app and prototype device, the product is fully commercialized

Launch on a Shoe String

Through the clever use of viral videos, MobiCuff is launched through a YouTube campaign with a fun couple who are looking to be safe while having fun at home. There was some backlash, but the word was out – You can be more frisky and less risky with the MobiCuff.

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