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Innovating Healthcare Solutions

Discover the journey behind Safe Heart USA’s commitment to affordable and accessible medical devices.

About Safe Heart

Empowering Healthcare Innovations

Safe Heart USA, established in 2009, is dedicated to developing cost-effective medical devices. Our comprehensive approach covers all stages of commercialization, ensuring quality, affordability, and accessibility.

We specialize in turning ideas into successful products, offering services including rapid R&D, manufacturing consultancy, and product rescue solutions.

Safe Heart transformed our concept into a viable product efficiently. Exceptional service and results!

Professor Gari Clifford, PhD

Our Purpose

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Gather a group of caring, kind-hearted individuals with expertise in all aspects of product design and production to revolutionize healthcare access and affordability worldwide.

Our Mission

Enhancing global healthcare through innovative and affordable medical devices. We go to great lengths to ensure our products are both easy to use and affordable.

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